Baby K Tan Carrier Reviews

Young mothers who insist on using pure cotton baby carriers (sling type) that can be worn in multiple positions usually go for Baby k tan baby carriers. Made of two loops of cotton that are joined by a third smaller loop which is known as the Back Support Band, the Baby k tan can be worn as a wrap, and that too without any rigging or wrappings. It is actually a hybrid variety that comes with the characteristics of a sling as well as a structured front baby carrier. This unique product offers the benefits of both and has similar features. A lot of moms these days prefer to use one of these products.

Baby K Tan Carrier Reviews

Here are some of the common carrier positions offered by the Baby k tan.

Baby k tan – The Kangaroo Position

  1. Grab the inside loop to stretch it to an open position so that a seat that appears like a pocket (kangaroo pouch) for the baby is formed.
  2. Set the baby in the pocket-like seat in an upright position with knees that are tucked to the tummy.
  3. Check to see if the baby has been centered within your fabric with similar length of stuff both on back and front of the baby.
  4. Take the arm through its outer loop which is suspended from your waist to pull it up on to your shoulder.
  5. Lay this fabric of its outer loop from over the baby’s bottom and back, taking precaution to see that it does not envelop the baby’s face.
  6. Reach to the backside in order to slide the support band to the down position so as to make the loops cross themselves in the middle of the back (to give added back support).
  7. Now, adjust the fabric lying on your shoulder to make it comfortable for you.
  8. The Kangaroo position is complete.

Baby k tan – The Adventure Position

  1. Hold the baby with your body while facing outward.
  2. Secure the insides loop between the legs of the infant and then pull the loop over the shoulder of the baby. Now, stretch this thing open to make a comfy seat for the baby.
  3. Put your arm on the exterior loop and drag it between the baby’s legs and over its shoulders onto your own shoulder.
  4. Same as item 6 of the Kangaroo Position.
  5. Adjust the two fabric layers between the bay’s legs to ensure that they are forming a seat that is comfortable for the baby.
  6. Secure the sash strongly around the waist as also the baby to gain added security and more back support.
  7. Adjust the fabric on the shoulder till you get a comfortable feeling.

Baby K Tan Carrier Reviews

Safety Measures to Be Taken While Using Your Baby K tan Baby Carrier

  1. Do not forget to use the loops that are meant for giving support to the head and neck if the baby does not yet have head control.
  2. Baby’s nose and face should always remain visible to everyone.
  3. Always check if you can place two fingers between the baby’s chin and chest when you are placing the baby into the Baby k tan carrier.

And finally, wearing your Baby k tan carrier is breeze – you can do it easily.