Baby Sling Pattern For New Moms

You can find various types of baby sling patterns online or you can sometimes even ask someone to make one for you. A baby sling is actually a baby carrier that uses cloth and metal or nylon rings, which is wrapped around the body of the mother or carrier. The baby is made to sit down or lie on the pocket. There are many online sites that offer you free baby sling patterns that are quite safe for holding your baby. The patterns also come with full instructions and drawings. You can see different types of rings and fabrics and select the pattern that is safe and suitable for your baby. The size and age are very important considerations which will help you choose the best patterns.

Baby Sling Pattern Reviews

Baby sling pattern with a sling ring can be used for carrying premature infants to provide the perfect skin-to-skin type of kangaroo care. The pattern is very versatile, as it can later be used to carry the baby either in the front or the back or even on the hip. You can also make a simple pouch sling with instructions. You can use heavy canvas or breezy cotton for this type of sling, and some people even make them from old sheets. But it should not be too flimsy, as it needs to hold the baby securely. Don’t use any stretchy material, such as knits or fleece, at least not if you are a beginner.

There are also baby sling patterns that are the wraparound type. They can be wrapped around the wearer and the baby as the name suggests. They are then tied in different ways, so that you can position the baby in the way you wish. They go over both the shoulders of the carrier and also around the waist. This offers a very good support and great security, because the weight of the baby is spread around the carrier’s hips, shoulders and the back. This is a one of the baby sling pattern that is very comfortable for the carrier. This pattern was very popular in Europe right from the 1970s and is offered as standard in many maternity institutions.

Baby Sling Pattern Reviews

You must select baby sling patterns that are suitable for the age of the baby, as there have been several accidents involving babies where soft carriers and back packs have been used. In such patterns, the baby might shift to one side and slip through the leg opening and fall to the ground. Such patterns are not recommended for use with very young babies. However, when choosing the pattern, you should also look at the weight, as there are some weight limits for the baby slings.

Many new parents prefer a baby sling like the Mei Tai carrier. In this pattern, the baby can be carried in an ergonomic manner, which is ideal for both the child and the parent. The weight of the baby gets distributed in a balanced manner over both the shoulders. There is also a belt at the hip which takes a greater part of the weight. In such baby sling patterns, the baby can also be held close to the body of the carrier, so that there is less pressure on the neck and shoulders of the parent.