Beco Baby Carrier Reviews – Choose the Best Baby Carrier

Among the long list of Beco baby carrier reviews available on web, this review provides useful information to the reader about the Beco baby carrier, an elegant and stylish product to carry a baby. A US based company named as Beco manufactures it. Beco baby carrier is appropriate for newborn babies to toddler, and parents with a height of 5 to 6 feet. It is manufactured by a hundred percent pure cotton.

Beco Baby Carrier Reviews

Common Features

Currently Beco baby carrier is made in China and USA. Following are the common features of the product:

  • Beco baby carrier is very effective to carry an infant of 3.5 to 20 kg approximately
  • It can easily adjust on the back or front position
  •  Certified and high quality stuff is used to manufacture this carrier
  • This is a machine washable carrier
  • Beco baby carrier is machine washable
  • A hood to cover baby’s head
  • For the parents of different sizes straps and waist belt are adjustable
  • 7-45 lbs is the carrying capacity
  • 1.8 lbs is the weight

Collections of Beco Baby Carrier:

Beco baby carrier reviews gives complete information about the available Beco’s products.

At present, Beco’s product line consists of Beco Wear, Butterfly 2, and Beco Mini. On the official website, following models of Beco Butterfly 2 are available for sale: Zoye, Tyler, Panthers, Paige, Metro Black, Lucas, Natalie, Lauren, Espresso, Argyle Deer, Aiden and Blue Scooters. Beco Mini specially planned for babies to hold their dolls comes, and comes in four different prints i.e. Carnival, Abby, Sara and Pony Express. Beco Wear covers the carrier, to keep baby warm and compatible to all models of the Beco.

Beco Baby Carrier Reviews

Instructions for Beco Baby Carrier:

Most Beco baby carrier reviews illustrate only few important instructions about the product. For complete instructions please consult instruction manual that comes with the product. Always inspect baby carrier before wearing it, in order to avoid any chance of mishap. If you are a new user then read the instruction manual carefully before use. Do not carry any heavy task, while carrying your baby. Always double-check the buckles before carrying your child; this will prevent you from lots of frustration.

Own experience:

I bought my first carrier after a long search over the internet, I read many Beco Baby Carrier Reviews before selecting this one for my cute baby. I know the importance of straps very well. These are very vital for the safety and strength of the baby carrier. I found Beco’s waistband and straps very well padded. Adjustability of Beco baby carrier at the front and back of the parents is its major benefit. It is very light and comfortable child carrier. I always use baby carrier on my back, because it is easier and comfortable for me to carry my child as compare to front side. Therefore, this Beco baby carrier review will help many other people like me, to find a better carrier for their babies.