Beco Butterfly 2 – Comfort For Baby And Parent

The Beco Butterfly 2 is an easy to use, attractive baby carrier that has improved the ways in which new parents tote around their tots. The simple design and fetching patterns make this a great choice for a parent that does not want to be carrying around a clunky and unseemly structure on their back or front.

Beco Butterfly 2 Reviews

Features of Beco Butterfly 2

What makes the Beco Butterfly 2 special is its design. Unlike many other baby carriers, the Beco is a two shoulder carrier, distributing the weight of the baby equally and making it easier to retain equilibrium and not injure or overburden one side too much. Furthermore, the straps are padded to provide extra support and luxurious softness. Another improvement that the Beco has made over its competitors is being able to transfer the carrier easily from one person to another without having to take the baby within it out and re-strapping him in. This makes it easy to share the weight of the child with a partner or a grandparent, without having to jostle or potentially wake up the baby in the process.

Beco Butterfly 2 is designed to accommodate parents with children ranging from newborn weight to about 45 pounds, or toddler age. The Beco comes with a removable infant pad which makes the carrier more snug for a newborn child. In addition, there is also removable head padding for the extra comfort of the child being carried. The head padding can also work as protection from the elements such as rain, snow, or sun. These additions, which normally cost extra, are free with the purchase of a Beco Butterfly 2, making this one of the better deals currently on the market. Although the cost of this carrier may seem a bit high, it is easily comparable with other carriers of similar quality and comes with everything necessary to carry and support a child comfortably and efficiently.

Beco Butterfly 2 Reviews

Because the Beco Butterfly 2 is so ergonomically designed, there is no clunky straps or clasps, the carrier looks and feels approachable. Although the product comes with an in-depth instruction manual as well as a DVD which explains all the various uses of the carrier, it is easy to figure out right from the box as everything is already put together and ready for immediate use. It is, however, to the credit of the company that such a lengthy explanation of various uses is included as it prevents any unnecessary accidents.

Finally, although this is not nearly as important as a child’s safety or a parent’s long-term comfort, the Beco Butterfly 2 is a very stylish carrier, with 11 interesting print options, ranging from sophisticated patterns to adorable prints, but also featuring a few solid colors in case designs are not in keeping with the user’s style. Each Beco carrier is made of 100% organic cotton making for a fabulous feel for both baby and parent. This is also a U.S.A. produced product. This is an ideal purchase for the style and quality conscious guardian.