Checklist For Choosing The Best Baby Sling

New moms should surely select the best baby sling that is both comfortable for the baby and convenient for the mom to carry about. You need to look at a lot of features while selecting the best sling in which to carry your newborn or infant. The best sling should make it easy for you to put the baby in as well as take it out. You should also look out for safety features, so that the infant remains safe in the sling and there is no chance of slipping out and falling.

Checklist For Choosing The Best Baby Sling

The parents also need some back support, in order to reduce the strain on the shoulders. You need to select one that fits both the parents, so that any one of them can be carrying it about. Some of the slings have a lot of adjustments, but some people do not have the time for all these adjustments and feel that the best baby sling needs to be something simple and easy to use, providing just the basic adjustments.

It is better to choose slings that are easy for cleaning. The best baby sling is one that can be washed in the machine. Of course, you also have those that can be sponge cleaned only and these are also quite convenient. This is a very important aspect, because an infant is most likely to vomit or dribble at some time or the other. You also have many models of the best baby sling that has a dribble bib attached to it. These are very useful when you are going out or travelling with a young infant. Some also come with a flannel or muslin attached at the place where the baby’s chin is placed. There are some models that also have a soother pouch.

You can select the best baby sling from two options, namely the front carriers and the back carriers. The front slings can be used to advantage, as it is possible to even breastfeed and bond better with your baby. However, such slings have a very short lifespan and you can t use it when the baby grows beyond a few months, as the bigger babies will not be suitable for carrying in front of you.

Checklist For Choosing The Best Baby Sling

There are the back carriers, which is the easiest and most comfortable way of carrying your baby. You can use these even when your child is two o three years old, so long as you have the ability to carry him or her. However, these cannot be used for very small infants in the first few months. The baby should be able to sit upright in order to put him or her in such slings. The best baby sling would be one that has multiple carrying positions, so that you can use it at all stages of the infant’s growth.

Try not to select one that has too many buckles and zips or poppers, as it can be very confusing. You should feel comfortable with the fastening devices and the adjustments and finally find one that fits properly. Many of the shops selling the best baby sling also put in a weighted teddy bear, so that you will get an idea of the feel of a baby in it.