Features And Utility Of The Belle Baby Carrier

Before venturing out with the features of Belle baby carrier or any other brand of baby carriers, it may be prudent to figure out how and why these types of baby carriers were invented in the first place. To seek an answer to the first part of the quarry, you need to extend your vision beyond the boundaries of your homeland, the United States of America. This will provide you with an overview of how people carry their babies in different parts of the planet. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that you will have to go to Timbuktu or some such remote corner of the world to sample the way of life practiced there. Rather, take a peek at some of the well known locations and see how mothers carry their babies in these places.

Belle Baby Carrier Reviews

In most parts of Africa, Asia and South America, where Belle baby carrier is an unknown entity, the Sling (in some form or other) has been the traditional device for mothers to carry their babies with them. It is convenient, useful, as well as comfortable both for the mother and the baby since the latter’s weight can be evenly distributed through buttocks and the shoulder blades of the mother. However, the most significant aspect of this method of carrying the baby is that, the baby is always in physical contact with the mother. Researchers have found that this continuous physical touch with the mother keeps the baby contended all the while thus preventing mental unrest and loud cries.

Now that we have some idea about the importance of a baby carrier, let us now get back to the main topic, or Belle, and find out why this product is so good.

Belle Baby Carrier Features

Belle is a contemporary front supported baby carrier that has been created with four ingrained key features. They are, improved product quality, ultimate baby safety, real comfort and ease of use. Moreover, it blends perfectly with modern-day lifestyle of young couples of the present generation. The Belle baby carrier is especially suitable for fast growing infants who always try to look out at peripheral activities with amazing eyes as they get the opportunity of facing outward at the wonders of the world around them. This comfortable carrier features durable one-piece ergonomic flexible design that is replete with adjustable shoulder straps, self-adjusting dual buckles and reinforced stitching. It comes with a breathable top panel that prevents accidental choking while the baby falls asleep in the carrier. Additionally, this carrier is a top to bottom baby accessory that is hundred percent ’Made in USA’ product.

Belle Baby Carrier Product Information

  • Dimensions – 12” x 0.3” x 16”
  • Minimum recommended weight – 9.9 lbs
  • Maximum recommended weight – 24.2 lbs
  • Shipping weight            – 13.6 ounces

This is an extremely popular carrier among the moms of the western world. A lot of celebrities have also used this product. The Belle baby carrier has been used by Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman.