Mei Tai Baby Carrier – Ultimate Choice For Parents

The ease of use and freedom it gives to the parents, the Mei Tai baby carrier has become best choice in the baby carrier market. The classic Mei Tai is an ancient Chinese style of baby carrier that allows the parents to carry the baby with the help of a stretchy wrap sling. Many companies are making Mei Tai style baby carriers with little or more variations in the classic style. Let us see some features that make traditional Mei Tai most desirable items in the current market.

Mei Tai Baby Carrier Reviews

Features of Mei Tai Baby Carrier


The biggest advantage of Mei Tai baby carrier is that it gives an immense freedom to the user to adjust the carrier. The baby carrier can be adjusted for various positions like front pouch, backpack and hip side position. It is recommended for the infant to face mother while carrying in the pouch. It helps in making strong bonding between the mother and the baby. Moreover, this position is also suitable for breastfeeding mothers. The hip position is suitable for a little bigger baby who can control their head with ease.

As the baby grows, Mei Tai baby carrier can be adjusted for various positions talon with the length of the baby carrier. It can dwell babies’ right after their birth to 3 years of age. Commercially designed Mei Tai’s can be used for older kids even; and can bear more baby weight.

Ease of Use:

The ease of use these baby carriers provides to the person carrying the baby is unmatchable. Mei Tai has no complex network of straps and belts that you might require another person to help you buckle around your body. The Mei Tai baby carrier is very easy to use baby carrier that takes less time to wear, easy to adjust around your body and ultimately gives you freedom of mobility. Whatever built the parent may be Mei Tai can be adjusted with the height of the parent.

Mei Tai Baby Carrier Reviews


Comfort these baby carriers provide is one of its trademark features. Most baby carriers are made out of natural fiber materials for the cushioning and the coziness required for the baby.

Some Commercial Variance:

Commercially built Mei Tai offer some variation on the company disposal. These variations and add on are often handy for the parents.

  • Sun/Rain Protection:

Some companies offer Sun/Rain protection in the shape of detachable hood with the baby carrier. This is a desirable feature for the parents living in tropical areas with more chances of rain and harsh sunshine.

  •  Headrests:

Many Mei Tai come with headrest that is a very handy feature for infants who cannot control their head, or even for kids while in sleep. These headrests can be removed while not in use.

  • Seat Darts:

Seat darts provide a more sturdy seating position for the baby allowing more comfort for the baby.


With the comfort and ease of use, the Mei Tai baby carrier offer in very affordable price makes the product best buy for parents. One can find many online suppliers of the product in different colors and added features.