Evenflo Snugli Baby Carrier Is Just What the Mom & Baby Needs

Snugli baby carrier helps the mom carry her baby with ease. It allows the baby remain comfortable. Let us find out the various ways in which this carrier helps.

Evenflo Snugli Baby Carrier reviews

Women have physically carried babies in various types of carriers for a really long time. The number one advantage is that, these carriers allow the mom to keep the baby close to her body, thus ensuring the infant’s security. However, it is good to realize that these carriers can help in several other ways.

This includes attending to the various household and other chores, preparing food for the baby and in some countries and communities, the mom can even carry out hard physical labor. In certain parts of South America, thickly woven shawls are often used to carry babies placed in front of their moms. In many parts of Asia, the shawl is replaced by a sling, which is tied over one arm and carried lower on the opposite side in a way to ensure that the baby is fairly ensconced in the hip region of the mother.

How the Modern Day Snugli Baby Carrier Was Invented

The invention of a fully effective cloth baby carrier is the result of the observations of Ann Moore, who was a pediatric nurse in Togo, Africa. On her return to the United States, Moore and her mother designed a fabric pouch that looked similar to the sling. But it has an adjustable shoulder and waist support that offered better security and comfort for the baby.

Moore and her mother, Lucy Aukerman eventually patented the baby carrier, and named it Snugli. It is today considered to be one of the finest baby carriers available.

Manufactured strictly according to the specification patented by Ms. Moore and Aukerman, Snugli products are now available in several models that include the Front Snugli, Vented Snugli, and the Front and Back Snugli.

You should try them for the comforts they offer.

  • Single handed buckle
  • Padded shoulder straps for extra comfort
  • Fully adjustable, pull-forward straps
  • Involuntarily adjusting rear straps
  • Made out of user-friendly easy-clean fabrics.

Moreover, these Snugli baby carrier products come in several variations too. You will for instance find the Evenflo carrier models as also the Ergo, Infantino, Pikkolo, Mei Tai, Bjorn and the Chicco. Unlike Strollers, all Snugli carriers provide adequate space for the baby to move around while at the same time, they can feel comfortably close to the parent. Mind you, this does not affect free movement of the carrier in any way.

Evenflo Snugli Baby Carrier Reviews

A Snugli baby carrier is ideal for both indoor and outdoor work as some of the models have waterproof canopies that can be flapped or un-flapped according to the requirement. Moreover, all Snugli products provide softly padded headrests, effective protection gear for the baby and cushioned shoulder and hip straps as well.

A Snugli baby carrier is also great for machine cleaning and storing when not in use because of their pliable structure and easy-to-clean base material. However, buyers are advised to check whether the model has features that include canopies, pockets for bottles, diapers, wipes, and others like this. You should check them in your Snugli baby carrier because in some models these are optional features.