The Different Types Of Baby Wraps And Their Models

Truly speaking, baby wraps are nothing more than a stretch of linen that is tied round the torso of the carrier, literally binding the baby with the body of the carrier. In other words, it is a simple wraparound that holds the mom and child together. Looking at it retrospectively, you may also observe that it is purely a contemporary version of the primitive kangaroo pouch type of contraption that was used by the aborigine Maori mothers who used to carry their infants around the forests and fields.

The Different Types Of Baby Wraps And Their Models

Baby wraps also called ‘wraparound slings’, are usually fabrics that are 2.5 to 7 yards long. They normally have a width of 15 to 30 inches. It is wrapped around the body of both the mother and child (or the other parent) and then conveniently tied in a secured fashion. However, the carrying position may differ, depending on the option the carrier prefers. For instance, during feeding time, the baby nestles in front of the mother, but during long stretches of walk, the mother uses the wrap as a backpack.

The Two Types of Baby Wraps

Baby wraps usually come in two principal varieties – Woven and Stretchy. The Stretchy variety facilitates the easy lifting of a baby since these are made of knits like jersey or interlock. Do remember here that the cotton variety may not be as stretchy as spandex or lycra but would surely be more healthy on account of its natural material. Woven baby wraps are usually pieces of woven fabric comprising of hand-woven or homespun fabrics with normal over-under weaves or twills.

Cuddly Wrap is a model that is much preferred by a lot of young mothers. It is a wrap-style infant carrier that is especially designed to move with the mom and her baby in a unique way. It is fully secured by way of its construction and provides complete freedom to the mom for all physical activities. There are no weight or age restrictions as well, and so, there are no problems whether you are carrying a newborn or a toddler here.

Made of one piece of seamless organic cotton, it is free of snaps, buckles, fasteners, and others like this. And thus, it needs no ham-fisted adjustments or tweaking. These classic cuddle positions fit all adult sizes perfectly. Incidentally, these models of baby wraps can be used in several ways, some of which are described below.

The Different Types Of Baby Wraps And Their Models

The “Modified Cradle” position is ideal for newborn or premature babies that need additional support for their head and shoulder regions. In this position, the baby’s head gets that much needed support, and it is provided by the pocket located within the model. However, you must make sure that the baby’s face is turned towards you so that you can always check whether its nose is free from any hindrance. As you can understand, this is very important.

The “Classic Cuddle” position offers the same support as the Modified position in baby wraps. But here, there are additional flaps to cover the head of the baby after the young person falls asleep. However, as a safety measure, make sure that the baby’s face and nostrils are visible to you all the while.

Both these models can serve you very well. There are many other great models of baby wraps that you can choose from as well.