Evenflo Baby Carrier – Great News for Babies & Moms

Evenflo baby carrier helps all moms, but more importantly, these carriers help the babies too. Babies are soft and cuddly needing regular feeding, cleaning as also moving from one place to another. In the animal world, babies are transported from one place to another by several methods. Dogs pick up their puppies by the scruff of their neck to carry them from one place to another while grizzlies do it by supporting their young ones on their back. Kangaroos, as you know, possess natural pouches in their belly to carry their offspring.

Evenflo Baby Carrier Reviews

But humans are neither provided with such abundance of hair on their back nor pouches in their bellies to carry their babies. So they improvise to do this. In Mexico and Guatemala, short wraparound slings (Rebozo) are used for carrying babies and in Peru and Bolivia, rectangular woven fabric folded in half and tied in a knot at the mother’s chest is traditionally worn to serve the same purpose. In most of the western world and in some other areas as well, as have the Evenflo baby carrier and some other carrier products like this. They serve much the same purpose, with a few advantages.

What Is This Evenflo Baby Carrier and What Are Its Advantages

Evenflo baby carrier appears to satisfy most of the conditions that are responsible for better carrying method for infants. It is comfortable, pretty simple to use and extremely cost effective. But most importantly, it is the most practical method of carrying babies as well. The well designed waist belt takes away most of the shoulder strain of carrying the baby. Besides, it is so easy to use –  you put it down, place the baby in it, zip up, guide the shoulder harness above the head and behind your arms and then fasten the waist belt. You are now fit for a marathon!

Evenflo Baby Carrier Reviews

Salient features of an Evenflo baby carrier

  • Prevents accidental suffocation and death of the child since it has breathable mesh fabric along the outer side of the carrier.
  • Has two convenient carrying options – baby can face in or out thus permitting discreet breast-feeding.
  • Patented Auto-Fit™ back straps which automatically adjust to fit the parent’s back, thus providing better comfort.
  • Guaranteed side-entry buckle lock that keeps the baby secured in the carrier.
  • Adequate padding provided at the right places such as where the baby’s head rests as also on the shoulder pads for parental comfort.
  • Carrier made of easy-clean fabric which is machine washable.

The Evenflo infant carrier’s great adaptability and usefulness, especially for young mothers with newborn babies on the go cannot be stressed too much. The carrier can be packed away and stored with as much ease as opening it up for instant use. Visit your nearest baby shop and try one out today. These carriers are readily available and they do not cost a lot of money too. Sure, you will be impressed by what you can feel yourself. Most moms who have used the Evenflo baby carrier have loved it.