What Makes The Pikkolo Baby Carrier Such A Great Product

Moms who need to attend to household duties apart from looking after their newborn babies usually go for soft, sling type baby carriers – many of them opt for the Pikkolo baby carrier. These carriers serve two significant purposes. Firstly, the carrier keeps their hands free, and secondly and most importantly, the mom is able to maintain close body contact with her baby. Studies have revealed that babies who enjoy such close physical contact with their mothers are more prone to be contended, than those who are deprived of this motherly intimacy.

Pikkolo Baby Carrier Reviews

There is however a wide array of sling type baby carriers in the market. Such a carrier must be comfortable both for the person who carries the baby, as also the baby. Then there is the question of safety for the baby. This is generally ensured by the very design and construction of the carrier that do not allow accidents to happen. But the most important element in a baby carrier is the breathable top level straps and flaps in a baby carrier that prevents accidental choking which had claimed the life of several infants in the past who had inadvertently fallen asleep in the baby carriers.

How to use Pikkolo Baby Carrier

Incidentally, a Catbird baby Pikkolo baby carrier satisfies all the conditions laid down by experts who are always mentioning of the effectiveness of a good and dependable sling type baby carrier. In fact, it is much more than that. Here are the steps to put your baby safely and use this carrier.

Step 1

Be pretty sure that the shoulder straps of your Pikkolo baby carrier are clipped simultaneously so that the loops on the shoulder are formed. Lay out the baby carrier flat on the couch face down (right side). Place the baby on the carrier with the legs above the strap.

Step 2

Take your seat facing the baby and the baby carrier. Arrange the lower end of the carrier against the back when the right side will be resting on the body between the baby’s legs.

Step 3

Lean back to pull up one shoulder strap till it reaches your shoulder.

Step 4

Repeat the performance for the second shoulder.

Step 5

Pull both to spring up the baby onto the carrier.

Step 6

Now, stand up and at the same time guide your arms below the baby’s legs to feel if the baby is seated comfortably and no part of the fabric has become crumpled in the process.

Final step

If necessary, you can clip the chest straps together.

Pikkolo Baby Carrier Reviews

Key features of the Pikkolo Baby Carrier

This Pikkolo baby carrier provides maximum comfort both for the carrier and the carried primarily because of its internal X support system plan. Additionally, the carrier’s shoulder straps are extra wide as also are made with deluxe memory foam padding that are found in Tempurpedic mattresses to make them real comfortable for the person who carries the load. It comprises of an integrated cinching mechanism and has buckles that can be adjusted from either side. All these features make the Pikkolo baby carrier a fantastic product.