Why Moms Just Love The New Native Baby Carrier?

A lot of moms love the New Native baby carrier, and for good reasons too. It is surprising to note how often we try to modernize techniques by going back to the older forms. Take for instance the way in which the moms have always carried their babies. During the early days of human civilization, babies were carried by their mothers in some crude form of cradleboards or slings.

New Native Baby Carrier Reviews

A foraging mother who could not afford to leave her baby in a lien terrain had no other alternative but to carry the infant in a makeshift sling made out of moss and furs and tied tightly to her frame. It gave her the freedom to pluck fruits or gather honey while the infant nestled safely close to her body. In fact, some Native North American Indian tribes still practice this simple and yet effective way of carrying their babies.

However, one of the more enterprising companies that took the lesson from the early history of how babies were carried by their mothers invented a new type of carrier that took all of the relevant points into consideration. With this idea came a new product and it became a big success as well.

What Exactly Is This Carrier?

The New Native baby carrier is a large comfortable pouch in which you can put your baby in whatever position the situation demands. For instance, if the baby is inclined to fall asleep, you can put the baby in horizontal position, whereas, a more playful baby can be carried in a vertical position. If you have ever seen a female kangaroo in a zoo, you can have a fairly good idea of how this carrier actually functions. However, the only difference between a kangaroo pouch and the NNB carrier is the wide piece of fabric that goes over your shoulder and across your back thus holding the baby carrier against your body frame. The carrier is available both in 100% cotton as well as 100% organic cotton. They come in several vivid colors such as royal blue, purple, navy and teal.

New Native Baby Carrier Reviews

Learn Why the Moms All Love This Carrier

The biggest advantages that go with this carrier are the ease with which it can be worn and taken off. Add to it the ease of putting your baby in the carrier whenever you want do so. What is more, the symmetrical design of the fabric that literally holds the carrier can be switched from left to right shoulder or vice versa with least effort.

Nevertheless, the basic features of the New Native baby carrier include three carrying modes or positions. They are Front, Flank or Back, while the carrying capacity can be extended up to 35 pounds. It is mostly preferred by young mothers who do not feel comfortable with bulky baby carriers that are difficult to store in small bag or purse, a feature that is fine with the NN carriers. The New Native baby carrier is also ideal for parents who need to travel a lot with their newborn babies.