Why New Moms Need the Ergo Infant Insert

The Ergo infant insert is a good choice for mothers with small babies. Let us find out why.

Ergo Infant Insert Reviews

Before a baby is born, the young one remains ensconced in the mother’s womb, surrounded by numerous soft tissues that provide the smoothest structural support to the body. The womb also provides the prenatal comfort the yet to be born baby needs. But on entering the big world, the baby cries out in agony, seeking that same security and comfort. People from various segments of culture, race and religion have been trying their best since ages to provide that comfort and physical security which the mother’s uterus offers to every human offspring.

The Ergo infant insert appears to be newest supplement to aid in the process of providing at least a part of that comfort and stability which is much needed by the newborn and in some cases, through the next few months of an infant’s bodily development. It is actually a type of cushion that primarily supports the baby’s head and neck, which are the most vulnerable part of the body. It also releases the pressure on the baby’s developing sacrum (the triangular bone at the base of the spine that joins to the hip bone on either side, thus forming part of the pelvis). But mind you, the Ergo infant insert is primarily meant to be used in combination with Ergo baby carriers.

However, when used properly, it provides the support to the baby’s neck and head as also cradling and cushioning him or her in the best possible way. The cushioned shell along with the detachable pillow is often used for newborns to make sure that their seating posture is right. It also ensures that the head and neck is getting adequate support. Even as the original Ergo infant insert provides the necessary support for regular babies, the newer brand known as the ‘Heart2Heart’ proves competent for larger babies.

Ergo Infant Insert Reviews

But the controversy that rages round this baby carrier accessory often causes confusion among parents having newborn babies.

According to one section of users, the Pros ad Cons of using Ergo infant insert are represented as below.


  • The Ergo insert can hold the baby upright.
  • The insert mimics the way a baby is held close to the chest. Even the legs regain the same posture as when hugged outside the carrier.
  • It does not allow putting all the weight on the crotch, which is a plus point.


  • It is much too fluffy and padded which is OK with winter babies, but some people have said that it can become uncomfortable for babies who are born in summer.
  • Some users have said that it is a bit fiddly when you try to put the baby in a comfortable position. Moreover, the directions are often not so clear.
  • Sometimes, the baby cries out in pain when the insert is being adjusted. However it is not clear about whether this happens because of the product itself or because the mom wasn’t able to make the adjustments efficiently.

However, all things considered, it seems that there are far too many advantages to ignore this. The Ergo infant insert is a good buy.