Why The Balboa Baby Carrier Is Such An Important Thing To Have

Infants as a rule love to stick to their mothers – the Balboa baby carrier will help them do this. The mom-baby relationship is among the most true and honest relationships that can be found. However the mom must still ensure that the baby is always kept safe, and that, she is able to move about freely and do her normal jobs. Just keeping the baby close to her heart and body is never going to be enough. The Balboa baby carrier can do all this, and more.

Balboa Baby Carrier Reviews

Researchers are telling us that baby’s feel more secured when they are pressed against their mother’s breast as they can hear their mother’s heartbeat. They are thus saying that this position should be encouraged for the mom-baby bonding. The topic is fine, the strategy OK, but you must consider that a mother has many other things to do besides holding the baby in her arms all through the day. In today’s fast life and family set up, almost nobody has the liberty to look after the baby all through the day and do nothing else. Many moms even have to go out of their homes and work while they are looking after their babies. It is almost impossible to get someone who will volunteer to hold the baby for a while till the mother finishes her usual jobs.

However, this problem has been logically solved by a pediatric doctor named Spears who have invented a special kind of baby sling, brand named Balboa baby carrier. This product has been duly tested and certified by the medic and experts. Balboa baby carriers have been declared fit for use.

The Balboa baby carrier consists of a sling-like device which wraps around the front of your body. It also has a pocket-like recess similar to a kangaroo’s pouch in which the baby is gently placed. Now, this allows the mother to attend to all her household duties as both her hands are absolutely free while at the same time, she can keep a watch on her baby safely ensconced close to her body.

How Safe Is the Balboa Baby Carrier?

Under normal circumstances, no harm may come to the baby nestled comfortably close to the mother’s body. But what happens if the baby falls asleep unexpectedly and the mother fails to notice it? As far as records go, there have been several catastrophes related to baby sling deaths in the recent past. In fact, there have been 14 deaths identified, 3 of which occurred in 2009. In all cases, asphyxia or suffocation has been found to be responsible for these tragedies.

This carrier from Balboa is completely safe. It can prevent all such accidents.

Preventive Measures to Be Taken When Using a Balboa Baby Carrier

Since most of the post-mortems conducted on the infants who died of asphyxia report existence of foreign body, namely part of the sling’s fabric in the air passage of the dying babies, you should always be vigilant about the proximity of such substances near the face and mouth of babies. Additionally, infants falling asleep while being carried in the carrier should be instantly shifted to the baby cot to avoid accidental choking. And finally, the mother should also ensure that she does not fall asleep herself while she is carrying the baby in a Balboa baby carrier.