Different Models And Positions For A Baby Bike Carrier

Amazon carries several styles of the baby bike carrier for use with traditional styles of bicycles. The different models include their own special features, designs and advantages.

PTI Schwinn Carrier

This model is created using a durable body made of polypropylene. This material makes the carrier light weight so it is easy to carry when not mounted to a bike. The lighter design also does not add a lot of extra weight to the bike when it is mounted in place. This particular model is designed for use with babies weighing forty pounds or less. The molded carrier includes guards for the legs and straps to help secure baby in place. The seat, back and leg sections are padded for extra protection.

Wee Ride Kangaroo Child Seat

This product uses a different design, than the carrier made by Schwinn. The Carrier is attached in front of the rider, rather than in back. The molded plastic body is combined with an extended area where the child can rest their head. The main body includes a back rest, seat and leg guards as well as the front head rest. The tubing is made of stainless steel with an additional steel support bar for attaching to the long bar of the bike.

iBert Safe-T Seat

This bike carrier for babies has a classic design made of molded plastic. The molded seat and back are used in combination with a sturdy seat harness and a pivoting lock bar. The lock bar resembles a small plastic tray which helps keep baby in position during riding. This model attaches to the front stem of the handlebars, placing baby in front of the rider. The seat and back are padded for comfort, and the product is designed to hold a maximum of thirty-eight pounds.

Bell Cocoon Rack Carrier

This product is designed for attachment to the back of the bike, so the child rides in back of the rider. Also made of a durable polyurethane plastic, this carrier uses an open design to create the back and sides. In a cocoon manner, the open sections are placed around the top and sides to enclose the child within the seat without obstructing their view. This product is available in gray and includes the protective leg guards, five point harness, rear reflector and fully padded seat.

Topeak Baby Seat with Rack

This carrier is created with a six point harness and a solid foam pad which fits the interior areas of the seat and back rest. The front of the carrier includes a bar or pivoting rack, which makes it easy to get the child in and out quickly. The product is designed with suspension placed between the carrier and the rack to cushion the child when riding over bumpy terrain. The leg guards are designed with separate foot straps to secure small feet in place.

Kettler Rodeo Bike Carrier

This item uses a sleek design in creating the main body. The leg guards come with individual shin straps with adjustable footrests. This product is lightweight and designed for attachment to the exterior of the bike frame.

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